Colette Honorable of Arkansas to Join FERC as its Newest Commissioner

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The US Senate has confirmed the nomination of Colette Honorable of Arkansas to be a Commissioner at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.Ms. Honorable was endorsed by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on December 11.Honorable has served on the Arkansas Public Service Commission... read more

Another Look at Enloe Dam Says the Project Is Still Uneconomical

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Conservation Groups and members of the Hydropower Reform Coalition today released an updated economics report by Rocky Mountain Econometrics (RME) on the proposed re-generation of power at Enloe Dam on the Similkameen River.An original study was completed in 2011 that showed that the project would... read more

FERC Revokes A Hydropower License in Georgia for Non-Compliance

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On October 16, FERC revoked the license for East Juliette hydroelectric project on the Ocmulgee River in Georgia due to its repeated failure to construct fish passage facilities as required by its 1985 license.Built in 1921, the East Juliette Dam is the first barrier to anadromous fish, including... read more

American Rivers Reaches Agreement in the Catawba-Wateree Relicensing

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Coalition member American Rivers has reached a settlement agreement with Duke Energy and other stakeholders as part of the license renewal for the Catawba-Wateree project in North Carolina.According to American Rivers, the agreement ends a five-year legal stalemate over the issuance of a state... read more

FERC Issues a New License for Upper American River Project in California

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FERC issued a license last week for the Upper American River Project in California consisting of seven developments on the Rubicon River, Silver Creek, and South Fork American River in El Dorado and Sacramento Counties. The license authorizes Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) to continue... read more

LaFleur and Bay Confirmed by Senate to be FERC Commissioners

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On July 15, the US Senate confirmed two members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Current Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur, who has served as acting chair since November 2013, was confirmed by a 90-7 vote. Norman Bay, who is currently the head of the Office of Enforcement was confirmed by a... read more

Really, Dam Every River For Hydropower?

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The Secretary of Energy recently publicly stated that our nation could produce an additional 65.5 gigawatts of hydropower capacity based on the Department of Energy (DOE) report which estimates the technical potential of the US. However, the problem with that number is that every river stretch that... read more

FERC Delivers a Win for Twin Falls in Idaho

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After years of fighting on behalf of the Twin Falls on the Snake River in Idaho, Coalition members recently secured a victory to protect the Falls from drying up.In 1995, Idaho Power Company, the operator of the Twin Falls hydropower project, proposed to reduce the amount of water flowing through... read more

FERC Terminates License for Project in South Carolina

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FERC has terminated the license for the Whitney Mills hydroelectric project located on Lawsons Fork Creek, in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.The project ceased operation in July 2005 and in February 2014, the licensee for the project informed FERC of his intent to surrender the license for the... read more

Massachusetts to Provide Funding to Upgrade its Hydropower Facilities

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The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center announced a grant funding opportunity to help upgrade existing hydropower facilities and eventually obtain either a certification by the Low Impact Hydropower Institute (LIHI) or qualify for Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard.To be eligible for a piece... read more