FERC Issues Preliminary Permit For a New Dam


Despite strong opposition from stakeholders, including HRC members, FERC has issued a preliminary permit to Boundary Creek Hydro, a subsidiary of Symbiotics seeking to develop hydropower on the Boundary Creek near Bonners, Idaho.  The proposal includes building a diversion dam and a 6.4 mile long diversion pipe to be partially buried under a reconstructed road.

The Department of Interior has expressed concern that the project, if built, could cause adverse effect to fish, vegetation, and wildlife resources, as well as some federally threatened and endangered species. A previous preliminary permit at this same site was cancelled due to potential developmental issues in October 2001.

The project would also fall under a Protected Area as designated by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council and would thus be protected from new hydropower development

While it is clear that the project cannot be legally built, FERC has still issued a preliminary permit. This will only ensure that valuable time and resources of FERC and agency staff, and other stakeholders will be wasted.

Read the preliminary permit here.