You Can't Dam your Way to Paradise

You Can't Dam Your Way to Paradise from Zephyr Visuals on Vimeo.

The proposed Temperance Flat Dam would be the second tallest in California and the fifth tallest in the country, yet it would increase water availability in California by less than 1%. The price tag of this proposal is $2.6 billion, and the state has already allocated $171 million in California taxpayer money. That is not nearly enough, but the well-funded and politically connected proponents of the dam are looking to have federal taxpayers foot the bill instead of paying for it themselves. The greater cost, however, would be the drowning of public lands on the San Joaquin River Gorge forever.

In this short film, you will hear from some of the voices that oppose this dam, including Hydropower Reform Coalition Steering Committee members American Whitewater and Friends of the River. Hear the stories from a river explorer, local landowner, and tribal member, all of whom have personal connections to the San Joaquin Gorge. This film makes the case that building a dam with no water won’t get us any closer to Eden. Official selection at the 2019 Mountainfilm Festival and the 2019 Wild & Scenic Film Festival.