CHRC's Core Values

  • Protect and restore California's rivers
Restore self-sustaining populations of native species by restoring the functioning components of the ecosystem, including water quality, and natural flow regimes and aquatic and riparian habitat. It is also important to maintain public access for the responsible, sustainable enjoyment of these public resources.
  • Manage natural resources in accord with sound science
Sound science helps identify the necessary components of a healthy ecosystem and specific restoration actions to protect and restore ecological integrity. Relicensing and other hydropower policy processes should achieve environmental benefits in a cost-effective manner.
  • Build partnerships and alliances 
Strive for consensus amongst the diverse constituency of river advocates, and work with resource agencies, licensees, and others.
  • Manage natural resources in the public interest
California’s rivers belong to its people and should be managed to provide benefits to anglers, boaters, hikers, and others.