Acknowledgements and Disclaimer

The Hydropower Reform Coalition (HRC) publishes this updated version of the Citizen Guide to Hydropower (1997, 2005).

The primary authors are Richard Roos-Collins and Julie Gantenbein, shareholders for the Water and Power Law Group PC, in our capacity as HRC General Counsel.  We were assisted by Nicholas Niiro, our staff attorney (2011-2015).  We were further assisted by paralegals in our practice over time: Shane Conway, Terri Cordrey, Russell Hilkene, and Kat Ridolfi. 

HRC staff provided substantial assistance over time.  These include: Danielle Droitsch, Andrew Fahlund, Alice Hill, Robbin Marks, Laura Norlander, Keith Nakatani, John Seebach, Rebecca Sherman, and Rupak Thapaliya. 

This Citizen Guide is intended to provide a public benefit.  It does not represent the legal opinion of the HRC as a whole or any member thereof on any issue disputed in a licensing or related proceeding.  It is not offered or intended as legal advice to any reader who participates in such a proceeding.