Chapter Authorship and Acknowledgements

Lead chapter authors have been identified below to allow readers to follow-up on particular topics.  The list includes authors of In Focus sections when those were written by someone other than lead chapter authors.

Chapter 1: Introduction:  Doug Whittaker, Bo Shelby, Joan Harn

Chapter 2: Types of Hydrokinetic Projects: Rich Bowers and Joan Harn

Chapter 3: Types of Recreation in Hydrokinetic Settings: Rich Bowers and Randy Thoreson 
In Focus: What If Area Recreation Uses Are Unknown?: Susan Rosebrough

Chapter 4: Applying Recreation Concepts: Doug Whittaker and Bo Shelby

Chapter 5: Potential Impacts on Recreation Opportunities: Doug Whittaker and Bo Shelby
In Focus:  Assessing Cumulative Impacts on Recreation: Susan Rosebrough

Chapter 6: Types of Studies for Recreation Impacts: Doug Whittaker and Bo Shelby
In Focus: Recreation studies for the Mississippi River projects: Randy Thoreson

Chapter 7: Protection Strategies and Adaptive Management: Susan Rosebrough

Chapter 8: Getting Involved: Joan Harn, Rich Bowers, Rupak Thapaliya

The authors thank the Department of Energy, National Park Service and Hydropower Reform Coalition for supporting the project, with particular thanks to Robert Whitson and Alejandro Moreno of DOE for their assistance.  We also thank Denise Authier (UEK Turbines), Jocelyn Brown-Saracino (DOE), John Beuttler (CSPA), George Detweiler (USCG), Tom Flanagan (NPS), Simon Geerlofs (DOE), Janet Hutzel (FERC), Mark Ivy (FERC), Ken Kimball (AMC), Gina Krump (DOE), Michael Linde (NPS), Ed Lovelace (Free Flow Power), Vicki McCusker (NPS), Kevin Mendik (NPS), Ann Miles (FERC), Kristen Murphy (FERC), Thomas O’Keefe (AW), Nicholas Palso (FERC), Brain Polagye (University of Washington), Kelly Powell (NPS), John Rudolph (DOI), John Ruskey (Quapaw Canoe Company), John Seebach (AR), Michael Spray (DOE), Randy Stanley (NPS), Peter Stauffer (Surfrider Foundation), Dave Steindorf (AW), Cassie Thomas (NPS), Ken Wilcox (Skookum Peak Consulting), Vince Yearick (FERC), and Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition (OREC) for thoughtful reviews of earlier drafts (or sections).