6.4 Study Plan Development and Implementation

Under the ALP, the licensee and other participants cooperate in the development and implementation of the Study Plan.  While any participant may file a study request for resolution by the OEP Director (see Section 5.2.2), “reasonable efforts” must be made first to resolve the dispute within the collaborative group.  OEP staff may participate in this stage and informally assist in resolving any such study dispute.  The licensee must file a Progress Report every six months. [1]

The ALP provides for the collaborative group, with assistance from OEP staff, to undertake “cooperative scoping of environmental issues.”  They will prepare an informal scoping document.  Although any such document is not binding on FERC as lead agency, OEP tends not to publish its own Scoping Document on application filing or otherwise.

[1]               See 18 C.F.R. § 4.34(i)(6)(ii).