Chapter 2 - Laws, Regulations and License Articles Affecting Shoreline Protection

You have a legal right to request shoreline protection during relicensing. Because this right operates within a legal framework, one must understand the licensing process's strengths and limits and how to apply this right effectively. This chapter outlines some of the underlying laws and regulations that empower you to request FERC to require hydropower project owners to protect buffers of shoreline. It also puts in context federal, state, and local laws and regulations relative to shoreline protection in the relicensing process. The laws and regulations in themselves guarantee little. For each project, achieving meaningful land protection requires the presentation of factual, site-specific justification that is related to the supporting legal framework. Do not assume that FERC or the licensee will do this on your behalf. It is important to understand how these laws and regulations can be used to intervene on behalf of shoreline protection.