Hydropower License Summaries

Hydropower licenses issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission are complex and lengthy documents and are often accompanied by settlement agreements, also complex and lengthy. To help river managers and users understand the provisions of hydropower licenses, the Hydropower Reform Coalition (HRC) and the River Management Society (RMS) have partnered to summarize hydropower licenses and settlement provisions.

The projects for which the summaries have been prepared are:

  1. Badger-Rapide Croche, Fox River, Wisconsin

  2. Boundary Dam Project, Pend Oreille River, Washington

  3. Chili Bar Project, South Fork American River, California

  4. Clackamas Project, Clackamas River, Oregon

  5. Claytor Project, New River, Virginia

  6. Coosa Project, Coosa River, Alabama

  7. Eel Weir Project, Presumpscot River, Maine

  8. Enloe Project, Similkameen River, Washington

  9. Gibson Project, Sun River, Montana

  10. Green Island Project, Hudson River, New York

  11. Henry Jackson, Sultan River, Washington

  12. Hyrum Project, Blacksmith River, Utah

  13. London-Market Project, Kanawha River, West Virginia

  14. Mid-Snake River Projects, Snake River, Idaho

  15. Missouri-Madison Project, Missour and Madison River, Montana

  16. Mokelumne Project, Mokelumne River, California

  17. Monongahela River Projects, Monongahela River, West Virginia

  18. Mystic Lake, West Rosebud Creek, Montana

  19. Nantahala Project, Nantahala River, North Carolina

  20. Otter Creek Project, Otter Creek, Vermont

  21. Pelton Round Butte Project, Deschutes River, Oregon

  22. Santa Felicia Project, Piru Creek, California

  23. Upper American Project, Upper American River, California

  24. Winfield Project, Kanawha River, West Virginia

  25. W Kerr Scott, Yadkin River, South Carolina

  26. Yadkin and Pee-Dee Projects, Yadkin and Pee Dee River, North Carolina