FERC recommends licensing of Ottumwa Hydroproject

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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released the Environmental Assessment for the Ottumwa Hydropower Project (P-925) last month in which it recommended licensing of this 3.2 MW project located on the Des Moines river in the City of Ottumwa. In the EA, FERC has identified fish entrainment... read more

See how dams affect rivers

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An interactive website that explains the effects of dams was made public yesterday by the Hydropower Reform Coalition. explains how the surrounding vegetation, fish, recreation areas and river flow can be impacted by dams. Also explained is how hydropower dams can be operated to... read more

HRC releases Science Guide

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The Science Guide entitled Scientific Approaches for Evaluating Hydroelectric Project Effects published by HRC is now available online. This guide discusses the range of studies available to evaluate the effects of a typical hydropower project, advising on the advantages and disadvantages of an... read more

Pre-Application Document filed for Oswegatchie River Hydro Project

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Erie Boulevard hydropower, L.P. has submitted its Pre-Application Document for the Oswegatchie River Hydroelectric Project. This 30 MW project expires in December 31, 2012. 

FERC issues first hydrokinetic license

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The license for Makah Bay project is the first ever issued by FERC for a wave, tidal or current energy project in the United States. The license gives Finavera Renewables, the project licensee, a conditional five-year license for the proposed project.This license approval follows a controversial... read more

FERC continues with inadequate carbon analysis

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In a recent Environmental Assessment (EA) of Morgan Falls project, FERC has yet again failed to perform a complete analysis of carbon footprint of the project. The EA states: If relicensed, the power from the project would continue to be useful in meeting art of the local and regional need for... read more