Minnesota to buy power from Canada

Minnesota is set to buy hydropower from Manitoba Power company in Canada, a move that could potentially have big implications on the future of power-deals between the US and Canada. Minnesota Power will purchase any surplus electricity from Manitoba Power, a utility based in Winnipeg, starting this year. Under the deal, the US utility will also buy 250 MW of electricity for 15 years starting from 2020. This would require building of hydroprojects and dams along with trans-boundary transmission lines. Manitoba Power will have to build new hydroprojects to supply the additional 250 MW in future. The power company has laid eyes on two new hydroprojects- the Keeyask and the Conowapa, costing $3.5 billion $ 5 billion respectively. In western Canada, the potential power deal between British Columbia and the northwestern US states, has raised concerns for building of new dams and hydroprojects. By the end of 2007, power developers in BC had applied for permits for 450 dams on over 300 rivers and streams.