FERC issues a license for Santa Felicia project in California


FERC issued a 40-year license today to United Water Conservation District for operation of Santa Felicia hydroelectric project in Ventura County, CA.Although the project boundary contains endangered and threatened species such as Southern California steelhead, Santa Ana sucker. Southwestern Arroyo toad, and California red legged frog, it was determined that the project would only affect Southern California steelhead. Last year, the National Marine and Fisheries Service (NMFS), through its Biological Opinion (BO), provided a list of measures that could be undertaken to protect the species. Among the measures was a study to analyze the need for fish passage, which the licensee will have to perform within the first year. Within the first three years, United is also required to formulate a plan to provide whitewater boating portage around Santa Felicia dam. Coalition members American Whitewater, California Trout and Trout Unlimited had participated in the license proceeding for this 1.4 MW project.