FERC approves first ever in-river hydrokinetic project in the US


Through a license amendment to an existing project, the FERC has approved installation of hydrokinetic turbines at the Mississippi Lock and Dam Project #2 in Hastings, Minnesota.

The City of Hastings has partnered with Hydro Green Energy, a Houston based company, to install two turbines, each with a capacity of 35 kW. According to the City, the first turbine will be installed this month and the second in April 2009. The turbines will be placed on a hanging barge tethered to the existing dam.

Along with careful studies on the impacts of the project, the Commission has required that the City develop a project removal plan prior to installation of the turbines. Additionally, the licensee is also required to develop a plan for immediate shutdown of the project should the project pose any threat to the environment or the life, health, or property of the public.

Coalition members American Rivers, Trout Unlimited and American Whitewater had also participated in the license amendment.

Read the FERC press release.