Northeastern utilities seek to import hydroelectricity from Canada

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In a petition submitted last week, two utilities in New England have requested FERC to approve construction of a transmission tie line connecting New England with the Hydro-Québec system in Canada. The utilities- Northeast Utilities Service Company and NSTAR Electric Company have already singed a Memorandum of Agreement with Hydro Québec for the construction of the transmission line to be designed to transmit at least 1,200 MW. The proposed transmission line would be used to deliver power generated from Hydro Québec's hydro facilities in Canada. According to the press release by NSTAR, the companies are yet to negotiate terms of the power purchase agreement. The petition states that Hydro Québec is currently developing 4,000MW of new hydroelectric generation.The import of hydroelectricity from Canada will take many northeastern states closer to their renewable energy goals established through the renewable portfolio standards (RPS).