FERC releases EA for DeSabla-Centerville (P-803)


FERC has issued an EA for relicensing of the DeSabla- Centerville hydroelectric project (P-803) located on the Butte Creek and the West Feather River in Butte County, California.The 26.6-megawatt project consists of three developments (Toadtown, DeSabla, and Centerville), which collectively include three reservoirs, three powerhouses, 14 diversion and feeder dams, five canals, and associated equipment and transmission facilities. The project occupies 147.8 acres of land under the jurisdiction of US Forest Service and 21 acres under the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, for a total of 168.8 acres of federal lands.Among other measures, the EA has recommended that the licensee provide velocity based ramping rates to protect egg masses and tadpoles and provide monitoring of the foothill yellow legged frog.Listed as a species of special concern by the CA Fish and Game, the foothill yellow legged frog habitat ranges from northern Oregon west of the Cascades south along the coast to the San Gabriel Mountains, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. As much as 45% of the population has been estimated to have disappeared in California.