Parties Sign Settlement for Cushman Project in Washington


Following the DC Circuit Court in 2006, Tacoma Power, Skokomish Tribe, agencies and other stakeholders have signed a settlement agreement that will govern the operations of the Cushman Hydroelectric project on the Skokomish River.

The agreement signed on Jan 12, addresses resources issues including instream flows, fish habitat, fish passage and recreation.

According to Mason County Daily News,

"As part of the settlement, the Skokomish Tribe will receive money and lands from Tacoma Power, including a $12.6 million one-time cash payment; 7.25 percent of the value of electric production from the Cushman No. 2 powerhouse; Transfer of land valued at $23 million including Camp Cushman on Lake Cushman, the 500-acre Nalley Ranch and Saltwater Park on Hood Canal.”

The FERC typically approves settlement agreements that have been signed before any licensing process starts for a proposed project. The provisions within the agreement are then included in the license as license articles.