PPL Revives Plan To Expand Holtwood Project


After withdrawing its application to add capacity to its Holtwood Project last year, PPL Corporation is now looking to revisit the plan. In a letter filed last Thursday, PPL has requested FERC to accept an application which it states is virtually the same as the one submitted to FERC in December 2007 (and withdrawn in December 2008). The company has also requested to restart the licensing process from where it left off.PPL’s renewed interest comes after the recently passed economic stimulus package allowed for tax incentives for incremental hydropower projects such as this. However, to qualify for assistance, the additional capacity at Holtwood would have to be operational by Jan. 1, 2014. The company plans to increase the capacity of the project from 107.2 MW to 195.5 MW.An article quotes a PPL spokesman as stating that the credits allowed by the stimulus package could fetch PPL $100 million.