EA Released for Ames Project in Colorado


FERC has released the final environmental assessment for an application to continue operation of Ames Hydroelectric Project, just north of Telluride, Colorado.

Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo) had filed a license application in June 2008 to operate the 3.5 MW project on the Lake Fork and Howard Fork in San Miguel county. In its application, PSCo proposed to continue to operate the project as a base load and peaking facility depending on the time of the year, but would modify its operations to provide a continuing winter base flow in the powerhouse tailrace.

The EA prepared by FERC staff has recommended that the project be licensed as proposed by PSCo with additional measures. Among other measures, the staff alternative includes on-peak and off-peak flows that either equal or exceed those required by the Forest Service in its 4(e) Conditions.

The Ames and the Tacoma developments are currently seeking a new license for the project (P-400). The docket now heads to the Commission for a decision.