Holtwood Project Authorized to Increase Capacity


With approval from FERC, the Holtwood hydroelectric facility can now increase its capacity from 107.2MW to 195.5MW. FERC's order issued on October 30 has also extended the license term. With the extension, the license will now expire on August 31, 2030.

PPL, the licensee for the project, expects to spend $400 million for the upgrade alongside improvements in fish passage at the facility. Holtwood is one of five hydroelectric projects on the Susquehanna River. The other four are the 19.6 MW York Haven (P-1888), the 417.5 MW Safe Harbor (P-1025), the 512 MW Conowingo (P- 405), and the 880-MW Muddy Run Pump Storage (P-2355) projects.

Coalition member American Whitewater was actively involved in the proceedings for this project and became a party to a settlement agreement addressing recreational issues in August 2009. Among other things, the Settlement allows for construction of two whitewater features, provides access and improves boating flows.

FERC order approving the amendment is available here.