PG&E Gets a Green Light for Removal of Wildcat Dam


PG&E has received FERC approval for its plan to decommission the Wildcat dam, a part of the Battle Creek hydroelectric project (P-1121). According to the “Wildcat Dam Decommissioning Plan,” removal will happen between May 1 and September 1. They also plan to demolish the Wildcat Pipeline between November 2010 and April 2011.

In December 2009, Pacific Gas and Electric, the licensee for the project had requested that its license be amended to support the Battle Creek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project, a collaborative effort between PG & E and federal and state resource agencies to restore fish habitat on Battle Creek.

The Restoration Project will reestablish approximately 42 miles of prime salmon and steelhead habitat in the North and South Forks of Battle Creek, plus an additional six miles of habitat on the tributaries of Battle Creek. Besides removal of the Wildcat dam, the restoration project also includes improvements to fish screen and fish ladder and increased in-stream flows.

The project is located on the mainstem Battle Creek, and the North Fork and South Fork Battle Creek in Shasta and Tehama Counties, California.