Settlement Leads to Licensing of Cushman Project


On July 15, 2010 FERC approved a settlement reached in January 2009 by the City of Tacoma, Skokomish Tribe, and state and federal agencies and issued a 50-year license for the Cushman hydroelectric project.

Following the agreement and now the Commission’s order, the City of Tacoma will pay $12.6 million and swap some 1,140 acres of property to the Skokomish tribe. The Tribe will also receive 7.25 percent of the value of electric production from the Cushman No. 2 powerhouse; transfer of land valued at $23 million including Camp Cushman on Lake Cushman, the 500-acre Nalley Ranch and Saltwater Park on Hood Canal. In exchange, the tribe will drop a $5.6 billion lawsuit it had filed in 1999 that claimed the two Cushman dams wiped out treaty-protected fishing and hunting grounds and unlawfully enriched the City of Tacoma for decades.

The Commission also approved construction of a new powerhouse that would house two generating units with a total capacity of 3.6MW. The project now has an installed capacity of 134.6 MW.

Read the FERC order here