Company Looks to Surrender License in California


The Southern California Edison Company is looking to surrender its license for the San Gorgonio Hydroelectric Project (P-344) located on the  San Gorgonio River, in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, California.

According to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the federal entity that has to approve the surrender, SCEC proposes to surrender the license for the San Gorgonio Project and transfer some of the Project’s water conveyance system and powerhouse structures to San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency, Banning Heights Mutual Water Company, and the City of Banning.

When the license for the project expired in 2003, SCEC chose not to renew the license because the Company concluded that it was economically infeasible for SCE to continue to operate and maintain the Project. FERC subsequently required the SCEC to surrender its license.