Assessment Shows Additional 225 MW Potential at Bureau Sites


A Hydropower Resource Assessment performed by the Bureau of Reclamation for its existing sites, including dams, diversions, canals, and tunnels, estimates that there is potential to add 225MW of capacity at the Bureau’s sites.

The analysis looked at 530 existing sites, of which, 191 sites were determined to have some level of hydropower potential. Only 70 of those sites, with a total generation capacity of 225 MW, show some economic potential for development. Utah and Colorado have the highest potential installed capacity at 53 MW and 46 MW respectively.

The resource assessment is a result of a March 2010 MOU () between the Departments of Interior, Army, and Energy, under which the agencies agreed to evaluate hydropower potential at federal facilities.

The 70 sites identified have a benefit cost ratio of greater than 0.7, making them more lucrative to development.