Coalition Members Successfully Defend the Mokelumne River


Coalition members Foothill Conservancy, Friends of the River and California Sportfishing Alliance were successful in keeping sections of the Mokelumne River free flowing after a California utility dropped its plan to raise a dam on the river.

East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) had been considering raising the Pardee dam as part of its Water Supply Management Program for 2040. The expansion would have flooded a free-flowing section of the Mokelumne River near Jackson and drowned the Middle Bar Reach and part of the Electra Run. These river reaches are highly valued for their recreational, historic, and cultural significance.

The conservation groups had taken the EBMUD to court for violating the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The Sacramento Superior Court sided with the conservation groups and asked EMBUD to analyze other reasonable alternatives to the dam expansion.

In a statement released last week, EBMUD informed that it no longer include Pardee dam expansion in its plan.

Read the press releases by Foothill Conservancy and the EBMUD.