LaFleur and Bay Confirmed by Senate to be FERC Commissioners

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On July 15, the US Senate confirmed two members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Current Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur, who has served as acting chair since November 2013, was confirmed by a 90-7 vote. Norman Bay, who is currently the head of the Office of Enforcement was confirmed by a narrower 52-45 vote. He was nominated by the President to serve as the Chair.

In a deal between the White House and Senate Republicans Commissioner LaFleur will continue to serve as acting chair until November 2014. Senator Lisa Murkowski, the ranking member of Energy and Natural Resources Committee had opposed the nomination of Mr. Bay as chairman.

With the two confirmations, the Commission now has five Commissioners; three democrats- Cheryl LaFleur, John Norris, and Norman Bay and the two republicans- Philip Moeller and Tony Clark.