Obama administration opposes H.R. 8


Through a Statement of Administration Policy (SAP) issued yesterday, the White House has formally opposed H.R. 8, including the hydropower provisions contained in the bill.

Related to the hydropower provisions, the SAP states that the bill would “undermine the current hydropower licensing regulatory process in place under the Federal Power Act that works to minimize negative impacts associated with the siting of hydropower projects, including negative impacts on safety, fish and wildlife, water quality and conservation, and a range of additional natural resources and cultural values. Among the ways that H.R. 8 would undermine this process would be by creating a new exemption from licensing that would undercut bedrock environmental statutes, including the Clean Water Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and the Endangered Species Act."

The SAP also states that the President’s advisor would recommend that he veto the bill if presented to him in its current form. The bill will be discussed by the full House this week.

More than 200 conservation groups and many other sovereign tribes and states have also voiced their opposition to H.R. 8.