Tell Congress to Strip Bad Hydropower Provisions from the Energy Bill


The United States Congress is currently considering reconciling the energy bills passed by the House and the Senate for a comprehensive energy bill. Under consideration is the hydropower industry’s wishlist contained in H.R. 8 (North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act of 2015).

Sign a petition through Coalition members American RiversAmerican Whitewater, or California Trout to stop hydropower companies from taking control of our rivers and our natural resources.

Disguised as “regulatory reform,” the provisions in the bill would overturn decades of progress we have made in improving environmental performance of hydropower projects. H.R. 8 allows power companies to bypass landmark environmental laws such as the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act. Just as an example, if H.R. 8 became law, it will be more difficult to recover threatened and endangered species or meet state water quality standards.

Among other things, here is what H.R. 8 does:

·         Strips Authority from Tribes, States, and Agencies

·         Makes it more difficult for states and communities to protect and restore their rivers

·         Hurts environment, wildlife, and clean water

·         Increases profits for large corporations by compromising clean water, endangered species and opportunities for public recreation

Although the hydropower industry pushed these agendas in a campaign they dubbed #unlockhydro, these provision don’t do anything to add to our nation’s hydropower capacity. They only help increase profits of companies that seek to renew existing licenses for their projects.