167 Groups Urge Congress to Drop Hydropower Provisions from the Energy Bill


A coalition of conservation, recreation and business groups sent a letter yesterday to members of Congress urging them to strip the hydropower provisions from the final conference report on the comprehensive energy bill currently being reconciled by a conference committee.

The letter signed by 167 groups states that the hydropower provisions (contained in S. 2012) “upend that balance, placing the interests of power companies ahead of clean water, endangered species, irrigation, meeting tribal treaty and trust obligations, wildlife, recreational fishing, commercial fishing, whitewater boating, water quality, municipal water supply, fire safety, flood control, and every interest beyond generating power.” The House version of the bill is even worse and has already been opposed by tribes, states, conservation groups and the White House.

The hydropower industry has pushed these agendas in a campaign they dubbed #unlockhydro, despite the fact that these provision don’t do anything to add to our nation’s hydropower capacity. They only help increase profits of companies that seek to renew existing licenses for their projects.