Coalition opposes hydropower bills being considered by House Energy and Commerce, Energy Sub Committee


The Hydropower Reform Coalition opposes the hydropower bills and discussion drafts being considered by House Energy and Commerce Committee's Energy Subcommittee in a hearing today.

These bills  undo many of the checks and balances that have equitably balanced hydropower development with other uses of our public resources for 40 years. Specifically, one of the drafts- the Hydropower Policy Modernization Act- does the following:

  • severely constrains the ability of federal and state agencies as well as tribes to protect the lands and the waters they manage,
  • gives power to a bureaucratic agency in Washington DC to protect our natural resources over scientific experts in federal and state agencies working in local communities who understand the resources better from direct on-the-ground experience, and
  • imposes undue burden on sister agencies that are participants in the licensing process by allowing FERC to set a schedule that even it may be not be able to meet.

While we oppose the current draft, we are willing to work with the Committee and other stakeholders to find common sense solutions. Read this letter we sent to the Energy Subcommittee related to the hydropower bills and drafts.