Plans to Develop Hydrokinetic Projects on the Mississippi Abandoned

A combination of challenges including low water levels on the Mississippi has forced a developer to surrender the permits it held to study the feasibility of hydrokinetic projects on the Mississippi River.

A letter filed before FERC by Free Flow Power on June 17 states “pursuing development of the Projects at this time is not viable.” Free Flow Power, a Massachusetts based company, had been exploring development of hydrokinetic energy projects on the Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO to the Gulf of Mexico.

Low Water Levels on the Mississippi Forces Developer to Reconsider Hydrokinetic Projects

The recent drought and record low water levels on the Mississippi River has forced a proponent of hydrokinetic energy projects on the Mississippi river to reconsider its proposal.

US House Okays Bill to Stop Termination of License

The US House passed a bill earlier this week to allow six more years to start construction for developing hydropower at Melvin Price Lock and Dam on the Mississippi River in Alton, IL.

The legislation HR 2938 introduced by Rep. Jerry Costello, D- Belleville keeps the Federal Energy Regulatory Agency (FERC) from terminating the license and gives the licensee a maximum of six years to start construction at the Price Dam Hydroelectric Project (P-12187). The US Senate still needs to act on the measure before the extension is officially allowed.


License terminated for Marseilles project on Illinois River

FERC issued an order on April 17, 2008 terminating the license for the 4.75 MW Marseilles Hydroelectric project that would have been built at the Marseilles Dam owned by the US Army Corps or Engineers. The license required Marseilles Hydropower LLC to start construction for the project within the first two years of issuance of license. However, Marseilles Hydropower failed to do so even after the end of extension of another two years.