PG&E Withdraws License Application On Butte Creek

Source: California Sportfishing Protection Alliance and American Whitewater

By Chris Shutes (CSPA) and Dave Steindorf (American Whitewater)

In a surprise move, PG&E announced on February 2, 2017 that it was withdrawing its application to relicense the DeSabla – Centerville Hydroelectric Project on Butte Creek and the West Branch Feather River.  The reach of Butte Creek affected by the Project is home to the only remaining viable population of spring-run Chinook salmon in California’s Central Valley.


FERC Issues a New License for Upper American River Project in California

FERC issued a license last week for the Upper American River Project in California consisting of seven developments on the Rubicon River, Silver Creek, and South Fork American River in El Dorado and Sacramento Counties. The license authorizes Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) to continue to operate the existing projects that have a combined capacity of 637.3 MW and to build a new project- the Iowa Hill pumped storage project which has an authorized capacity of 400 MW.


Hydropower from British Columbia not eligible as renewable in California

On January 15, 2014, the California Energy Commission (CEC) adopted a report that concluded hydropower from British Columbia (BC) is not eligible as renewable in California (CA) and recommended not revising (i.e. weakening) the Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) hydropower regulations to allow eligibility. This effectively closes the door on a terrible idea and long process that began in 2008 for California Hydropower Reform Coalition members and BC river advocates.