Google Earth Shows How Dams Could Worsen Climate Change

A new interactive Google Earth video, produced by International Rivers and Friends of the Earth International, aims to show how damming rivers around the world can exacerbate climate change.

The approximately 12-minute video uses computer animation to simulate the potential climate hazards associated with building dams in Africa, the Himalayas, and the Amazon.

Watch the Youtube Video here.


Coalition to Host a Hydrokinetics & Recreation Workshop

The Hydropower Reform Coalition is partnering with the National Park Service  to organize a “Hydrokinetics and Recreation Workshop” in Memphis, Tennessee on October 18 and a boating trip on the Mississippi River on Oct 19.

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Assessment Shows Additional 225 MW Potential at Bureau Sites

A Hydropower Resource Assessment performed by the Bureau of Reclamation for its existing sites, including dams, diversions, canals, and tunnels, estimates that there is potential to add 225MW of capacity at the Bureau’s sites.


Guide Offers Strategies for Addressing Recreation Issues in New Hydropower Technologies

Joan Harn, National Park Service, 202-354-6929
Rupak Thapaliya, Hydropower Reform Coalition, 202-243-7076
March 31, 2011