Alaska Governor Kills the Susitna Hydro Dam Project

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The Governor of Alaska, has directed the state to shut down the proposed new hydropower dam project on the Susitna River, 90 miles upstream of Talkeetna.The proposed Watana dam would be one of the tallest dams in the US directly affecting 233 miles of the mainstem Susitna River and indirectly... read more

FERC denies a license for a new hydropower dam

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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission provided a victory today for the pristine Bear River, fisheries, recreation and the local community by denying a federal license for a proposed new hydropower dam in Idaho.Through an order issued yesterday, FERC denied the application by Twin Lakes Canal... read more

SMUD Pulls the Plug on Proposed Iowa Hill Pumped Storage Project

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The Sacramento Metropolitan Utility District (SMUD) pulled the plug on its proposed Iowa Hill Pumped Storage project citing expense and financial risk as its reasons for doing so.First proposed in 2004, the Iowa Hill Pumped Storage project was envisioned to be a large 400MW project that would... read more

Report Encourages Alaska to Choose Natural Gas Over Hydroelectric Energy

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A new study by Alaska Hydro Project has concluded that supplying energy for the Alaska Rainbelt through natural gas, specifically through Cook Inlet, would save the ratepayers in Alaska $35 billion (in 2014 dollars) over 50 years.The report concludes that deriving energy from natural gas from Cook... read more

Obama administration opposes H.R. 8

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Through a Statement of Administration Policy (SAP) issued yesterday, the White House has formally opposed H.R. 8, including the hydropower provisions contained in the bill.Related to the hydropower provisions, the SAP states that the bill would “undermine the current hydropower licensing... read more

218 Conservation, recreation, and faith organizations oppose H.R. 8's hydropower provisions

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A coalition of conservation, recreation and faith-based organizations sent a letter yesterday to the US House of Representatives urging them to oppose H.R. 8, the North American Energy Security and Infrastructure Act.The bill, which is expected to be introduced on the House floor soon, includes... read more

FERC staff recommend not licensing a new dam project

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In a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) issued by FERC staff for a proposed new hydropower dam on the Bear River in Idaho, the staff recommend the Commission to not issue a license for the project.The Twin Lakes Canal company had proposed to build a 109-foot-tall dam on the Bear River which... read more

Hydropower doesn't need any more loopholes

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Source: Palmer OPINIONSept. 3, 2015A bill pending in the U.S. Senate would give the hydroelectric industry and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission the kind of unconditional authority more akin to what the Robber... read more

States, tribes lose big in federal hydro ‘power grab’

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(This op-ed appreared on The Hill on July 20, 2015)States, tribes lose big in federal hydro ‘power grab’By John Seebach The hydropower industry is attempting a stunning power grab that would make it difficult-- if not impossible-- to ensure fish passage and other modern... read more

Dam legislation would hurt fish, rivers

Keywords: Region: op-ed appeared on The Oregonian on July 12.)Dam legislation would hurt fish, rivers (OPINION)By Bob IrvinParticipants at this week's HydroVision industry conference in Portland will talk about how... read more