Pre-Application Document filed for Oswegatchie River Hydro Project

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Erie Boulevard hydropower, L.P. has submitted its Pre-Application Document for the Oswegatchie River Hydroelectric Project. This 30 MW project expires in December 31, 2012. 

FERC issues first hydrokinetic license

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The license for Makah Bay project is the first ever issued by FERC for a wave, tidal or current energy project in the United States. The license gives Finavera Renewables, the project licensee, a conditional five-year license for the proposed project.This license approval follows a controversial... read more

FERC continues with inadequate carbon analysis

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In a recent Environmental Assessment (EA) of Morgan Falls project, FERC has yet again failed to perform a complete analysis of carbon footprint of the project. The EA states: If relicensed, the power from the project would continue to be useful in meeting art of the local and regional need for... read more