Characterization of spillway passage conditions at Ice Harbor Dam, Snake River, Washington, 2003


This report describes a study of spillway passage conditions for juvenile spring chinook salmon at Ice Harbor Dam in spring 2003. The Sensor Fish Device was used to measure conditions experienced by juvenile salmon passing over a deflector installed at the base of a spillway in the dam to mitigate total dissolved gas in the spill discharge as it enters the stilling basin. The Sensor Fish Device is a waterproof, nearly neutrally buoyant sensor package developed by Battelle with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy


Carlson, T.J., Duncan, J.P., Gilbride, T.L.,Prepared by Johnson, R. L., B. G. Gray, S. L. Blanton, J. P. Duncan, R. W. Gilbert, G. A. Anderson, and D. A.