An evaluation of the biolgical need for fishways at hydroelectric projects on the Oswego River, NY, with emphasis on the Oswego

Admin Report 97-01 22pp.

This document is a review of literature regarding riverine fish movement, and an evaluation as to whether or not unrestricted passage would benefit fish populations within the Oswego River. Information presented within this report will be used to determine if providing effective (safe, timely, convenient) fishways at Oswego Falls and other hydroelectric projects on the Oswego River is biologically justified. Topics include: Physical and environmental development of the Oswego River; Oswego fish community; Oswego water quality; Biological need for fish passage; Riverine fish an long distance movements; Restriceted movement of fish within the Oswego River; Benefits of providing fish passage within the Oswego River.


Fish and Wildlife service, U.S.


American Rivers produced abstract