Dams: here today, gone tomorrow? Positive signs of change at FERC

July 1994 p13

FERC has made great strides recently soliciting public input on whether they can and should "consider decommissioning of a project as an alternative to issuing a new license." Also, FERC has asked for input on how cumulative impacts of hydro porjects in the same reiver basin should be addressed. In respone to this request, various NGOs have weighed in with their opinion. The Hydropower Reform Coalition states FERC needs a "cradle-to-grave" approach in licensing that would fund the retirement of a hydro facility at the end of its useful lfe without burdening taxpayers. Furthermore, rather than review dams one by one, FERC should conduct river basin wide analyses, issuing licenses according to that plan.


Turner , E.

American Rivers produced abstract