Running Rivers - September 2008

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FERC terminates a hydro license after 14 years of in-operation
After 14 years of in-operation, FERC has terminated the license for Appleton Trust hydropower Project on the Hamilton Canal in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
FERC issues a license for Santa Felicia project in California
FERC issued a 40-year license today to United Water Conservation District for operation of Santa Felicia hydroelectric project in Ventura County, CA.
Bar Mills project in Maine licensed for 40 years
Last week, FERC issued a 40-year license for continued operation of Bar Mills hydroelectric project in York County, Maine.


American Rivers Accepting River Restoration Proposals
American Rivers is accepting proposals for river restoration projects that aim to restore fish species in natural streams and rivers.
American Rivers seeks nominations for endangered rivers
If your river is in danger due to pollution, dams, harmful development, or other threat, change its fate by nominating it for the highly-anticipated America's Most Endangered Rivers report: 2009 EditionTM. This year's report will focus on threats related to global warming. Help raise awareness and find solutions to the issues your river is facing.
Action Alert: Protect a Free-Flowing Skagit River
North Cascades National Park is currently revising the management plan for the Ross Lake National Recreation Area, which includes the lands and rivers along Highway 20 in the North Cascades. As part of this planning effort American Whitewater formally requested a review of rivers that may be eligible for Wild and Scenic designation.


Free Flow Power seeks citizen's inputs for hydrokinetic projects
Free Flow Power has contacted the Hydropower Reform Coalition and is seeking stakeholder input from local river groups and watershed organizations regarding their proposed projects.
You can fill out their questionnaire or contact them.
Learn more about hydrokinetic projects in general.
Workshop to offer training on CEQA and its relationship to global warming
Community Guide to CEQA
The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires that the environmental impacts of proposed development projects be rigorously evaluated, and that feasible mitigation measures or alternatives be adopted prior to project approval. This workshop will have a special focus on the relationship between CEQA & global warming (AB 32).
Date: Saturday, Nov 18
Venue: Ventura, CA
Win a Prius Hybrid
Tom's of Maine is running a video contest on Youtube for videos that tell stories of how people are making a difference for rivers and watersheds. The winner will win a Toyota Prius Hybrid. The deadline to submit an original video is October 31, 2008.


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