The Nation's First Commercial Hydrokinetic Power Project and New Technology Development of Hydro Green Energy

Waterpower XVI

In early 2009, operations began in the City of Hastings, Minnesota, at the nation’s first commercially-operational, FERC-licensed hydrokinetic power facility (P-4306-017). In what was originally dubbed as a “big science experiment” by the City’s management, came a unique public-private green energy partnership that is taking the hydrokinetic power industry to new heights. At Hastings, Hydro Green installed two hydrokinetic power turbines downstream from the City’s 4.4 MW hydropower plant to increase overall capacity. This unique application of Hydro Green Energy’s patented hydrokinetic technology at an existing hydropower project is increasing the City’s clean energy output and is a technology application that has worldwide use. This paper examines the project and its data. Additionally, Hydro Green Energy’s experiences at Hastings have led to the development of a potentially game-changing technology that is currently under development and previewed in this paper. 


W. Krouse, M. Stover, H. Greenberg