Fish Passage for Resident Fish?

Waterpower XVI

Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH) is a vertically integrated public utility that owns and operates nine hydroelectric projects in New Hampshire totaling approximately 70 MW. PSNH’s 1.1 MW Canaan Project is located on the upper Connecticut River in the states of New Hampshire and Vermont. The relicensing of this project was one of seven “pioneer” projects electing to utilize the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC or Commission) new Integrated Licensing Process (ILP) during the initial transition period.During the ILP scoping process, resource agencies and intervenors requested that PSNH study the feasibility of upstream fish passage at the Canaan Project. There are no Atlantic salmon or other migratory fish in the project area: upstream fish passage was proposed for indigenous brook, and non-native brown and rainbow trout and other non-migratory resident fish. A standard Denil fishway and an Alaska Steeppass were determined to be technically feasible options and were evaluated for economic feasibility by PSNH’s consultant, Kleinschmidt Associates


Catherine Shively, James Kearns