Allison Creek : P-13124

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  • P-13124
  • Allison Creek
  • Alaska
  • AK
  • 6.50 MW
  • Current


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  • 08-01-2013
  • 07-31-2063
  • Cooper Valley Electric Association


FERC issued a license for this project to Cooper Valley Electric Association in August 2013. 

The Allison Creek Project would consist of following new facilities:

  1. a 16-foot-high, 95-foot-wide concrete gravity diversion structure spanning Allison Creek with a 50-foot-wide spillway section; 
  2. a screen intake;
  3. a 42-inch-diameter, 500-foot-long buried and 7,200-foot-long surface steel penstock;
  4. a 65 foot x 65 foot powerhouse with one 6.5-megawatt turbine/generating unit;
  5. a permanent 550-foot-long access road to the powerhouse;
  6. a 3.8-mile-long, 34.5-kilovolt transmission line connecting to the Copper Valley switching station near the Petro Star facility along Dayville Road; and
  7. appurtenant facilities.  

After the construction of the dam, the project would be operate in a run-of-river mode. The average annual generation is estimated to be 23.3 gigawatt-hours.  


River flow, wildlife, wetland, recreation