Chili Bar : P-2155

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  • P-2155
  • S Fk American R
  • California
  • CA
  • 7.00 MW


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  • 08-20-2014
  • 06-30-2064


Download license summary for the Chili Bar project.

The project is located in El Dorado County, California, near the town of Placerville, and occupies federal land administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  The Chili Bar Project consists of a dam, reservoir, intake, penstock, and powerhouse. Chili Bar Dam is 126 feet high and 380 feet long with a 170-foot-long spillway having a crest elevation of 997.5 feet national geodetic vertical datum (NGVD)

On February 1, 2007, SMUD and PG&E filed a comprehensive Settlement Agreement (Settlement) related to relicensing both the Upper American and Chili Bar Projects.

Signators to the Settlement were: American Whitewater, American River Recreation Association, BLM, California Department of Parks and Recreation, California Fish and Wildlife, California Outdoors, California Sportfishing Protection Alliance, Camp Lotus, Foothill Conservancy, Forest Service, Friends of the River, FWS, Interior, U.S. National Park Service, PG&E, Rich Platt, Hilde Schweitzer, Theresa Simsiman, and SMUD.


Notice of availability of final EIS 10-01-2007
FERC license expiration 07-31-2007
Notice of availability of draft EIS 05-01-2007
Reply comments to terms and condtions due 03-16-2007
Terms and conditions due (deadline extended) 02-01-2007
Deadline for filing motions to intervene 10-22-2006
Agencies/NGOs submitted recommendations, terms, conditions, prescriptions. 10-18-2006
Deadline for agencies to file prescriptions, terms, and recommendations 09-26-2006
FERC issues Scoping Document 2 03-20-2006
FERC issues Scoping Document 1 for EIS 12-20-2005
PG&E files license application to FERC 07-20-2005
Comment deadline for FERC's Scoping Document 1 01-20-2005
License Issued 08-20-2014