De Sabla : P-803

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  • P-803
  • Butte Cr
  • California
  • CA
  • 26.65 MW


  • 06-12-1980
  • 10-11-2009


This project owned by PG&E is located on Butte Creek in California. 

This 26.4 MW project generates an annual average of 160.6 GWh.

It consists of three dams: Toadtown, De Sabla, and Centerville. Toadtown and De Sabla have one generating unit and Centerville has two.


PG&E will file a Supplemental Initial Sudy Report 01-15-2007
Initial study report meeting 09-26-2006
PG&E will file Initial Study Report 09-06-2006
Supplemental study meeting 01-30-2006
Biological Assesment for Spring Run Chinook Salmon submitted 08-29-2005
PG&E study plan comments due to FERC 08-02-2005
PG&E files revised study plan with FERC 07-18-2005
Comments on proposed study plan due to FERC and PG&E 06-16-2005
FERC to issue Scoping Document 2 03-18-2005
Comments on Scoping Document 1, PAD, and initial study plans due to FERC. 02-01-2005
PG&E files the Pre-Application Document 10-04-2004
EA Released 12-29-2008


Water quality issues: high temperatures below Centerville Powerhouse (6000 salmon killed during the summer of 2003)

Fishery values: Butte Creek is currently the largest spring-run Chinook salmon run in the Central Valley

Threatened/endangered: spring-run Chinook salmon

Recreational values: Access is an issue

Other values: This is the first FERC relicensing in California to use the new Integrated Licensing Process (ILP).