Kilarc - Cow Creek : P-606

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  • P-606
  • S Cow Cr
  • California
  • CA
  • 4.67 MW
  • Archive


  • 02-08-1980
  • 03-27-2007
  • Pacific Gas & Electric Co.


The Kilarc-Cow Creek project totals 5 MW of electric capacity and is located in Shasta County on several upper branches of Cow Creek, a tributary to the Sacramento River. The project consists of two powerhouses and associated canals, penstocks and forebays.

The Kilarc Powerhouse on Old Cow Creek was built in 1904 and has a capacity of 3.2 MW. The Cow Creek Powerhouse on South Cow Creek was built in 1907 and has a capacity of 1.8 MW.

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Synergics license application deadline 12-27-2006
Synergics to hold first public meeting in Whitmore. Contact Laura for details. 09-14-2005
Synergics submits Initial Information Package 07-19-2005
Synergics submits NOI to seek a license for this project 06-24-2005
PG&E withdraws FERC license application 03-23-2005
Draft application deadline 03-01-2001
Settlement Agreement 03-23-2005
Application for Surrender of License 03-13-2009
FEIS Issued 08-16-2011


Water quality issues: 2 cfs and 4 cfs in bypass reaches

Fishery values: spring run Chinook and steelhead runs, fish ladder on South fork

Other values: PG&E is currently studying decomissioning as an alternative to relicensing the project. For more information, call CHRC.