Mccloud-Pit : P-2106

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  • P-2106
  • Mccloud R
  • California
  • CA
  • 340.50 MW


  • 08-18-1961
  • 07-31-2011


The Project is located in northern California in the McCloud River and Pit River drainages.  Both drainages are located in Shasta County, along the western slopes of the Cascade Range geomorphic province.  The Project consists of two storage reservoirs (McCloud and Iron Canyon), two regulating reservoirs (Pit 6 and Pit 7), several tunnels and pipelines, penstocks, three powerhouse (James B. Black, Pit 6, and Pit 7), and associated transmission facilities. The major project facilities of the McCloud-Pit Project are situated in the Pit River basin, although two storage reservoirs in the McCloud Basin located on both the McCloud River and Iron Canyon Creek divert water into the Pit River.

Source: PG&E


Comments due on Scoping document 1, PAD, study requests. 11-23-2006
Scoping meeting, 9 - 11 AM, Holiday Inn, Redding 10-24-2006
Scoping meeting, 6 - 9 PM, Holiday Inn, Redding 10-23-2006
Scoping document 1 available 09-25-2006
PG&E to hold public meeting to discuss PAD: 1-3pm and 7-9 Red Lion Hotel, Redding 08-29-2006
PG&E files preliminary study plan proposal 08-14-2006
PG&E submits Notice of Intent and Pre-application Document 07-28-2006
Application Filed 06-19-2009
FEIS Issued 02-25-2011