Medway : P-2666

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  • P-2666
  • W Br Penobscot R
  • East
  • ME
  • 3.44 MW


  • 03-29-1999
  • 03-31-2029


The Medway Hydroelectric Project is a run-of-river hydroelectric generating facility located on the West Branch of the Penobscot River in Medway, Maine with a gross nameplate generating capacity of 3.44 MW. The Medway Project commenced initial commercial operations in 1923.

The Medway Project generates renewable electricity while providing recreational opportunities (portage trail and boat launch), fish passage measures, consistent water levels that enhance habitats for waterfowl, etc., and substantial support of the local community through stable property tax payments, reliable voltage support of the electrical distribution system, etc.

The Medway Project consists of a 343-foot-long concrete gravity dam surmounted byflashboards, a 64-foot-long concrete gravity forebay wall, a 120-acre impoundment, a powerhouse containing five generating units with a total installed capacity of 3.44 MW, an approximate 144-foot-long underground transmission line, and appurtenant facilities.


The Medway Hydroelectric Project is one of the three projects included in the the Penobscot River Restoration Agreement. The other two are: Stillwater Hydroelectric Project (P-2712) and Orono Hydroelectric Project (P-2710).