Spring Gap-Stanislaus : P-2130

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  • P-2130
  • M Fk and S Fk Stanislaus R
  • California
  • CA
  • 87.90 MW


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  • 04-24-2009
  • 03-31-2047


Download License Summary for the Spring Gap-Stanislaus Project.

The project is located on the Middle Fork Stanislaus River (Middle Fork) and South Fork Stanislaus River (South Fork) in Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties, California, and occupies over 1,000 acres within the Stanislaus National Forest, managed by the U.S. Forest Service. 

The Spring Gap-Stanislaus Project includes four developments (Relief reservoir; Pinecrest Lake; Spring Gap; and Stanislaus.) and is intricately connected with several other licensed hydroelectric projects in the Stanislaus River watershed:  The Irrigation Districts’ Beardsley/Donnells Hydroelectric Project No. 2005; Tri-Dam Power Authority’s (Tri-Dam Power) Sand Bar Hydroelectric Project No. 2975; PG&E’s Phoenix Hydroelectric Project No. 1061; and the Irrigation Districts’ Tulloch Hydroelectric Project No. 2067. (Source: FERC)


Settlement completed. 08-29-2006
Package of resource protections signed by collaborative 03-01-2004
Final 4e conditions filed. 11-30-2006
Final EIS filed 03-01-2005
comments on Draft Environmental Impact Statement due to FERC 12-07-2004
Public meeting in Sonora on Draft Environmental Impact Statement 11-16-2004
Draft Environmental Impact Statement submitted by FERC. Available online at www.ferc.gov 10-08-2004
Scoping comments deadline 07-21-2003
License application filed 12-26-2002
License Issued 04-24-2009


Water quality issues: Increase minimum streamflows, maintain flows for lower Stan salmon fishery Type of proceeding: Hybrid Grouped proceedings: Stanislaus Collaborative Threatened/endangered: Possible yellow-legged frog Recreational values: Whitewater where compatible