Turnagain Arm : P-13509

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  • P-13509
  • Cook Inlet
  • Alaska
  • AK
  • 240.00 MW
  • Proposed
  • Marine & hydrokinetic energy


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  • 02-12-2014
  • 01-31-2017
  • Turnagain Arm Tidal Energy Corporation
  • ILP


The applicant filed a successive preliminary permit application in January 2013. In July 2013, FERC noticed the application, which was approved through a new preliminary permit in February 2014. 

Proposed Conventional tidal energy project:

  • 1,000-foot-wide concrete and rock tidal barrage, housing turbines -- 
  • 2 additional barrages to direct water flow (dimensions not specified):
  • 1-mile-wide by 2-mile-ling rock-filled reservoir;
  • 24-mile-long 230 kV transmission;
  • 52-mile-long, 230 kV transmission,
  • road access (no information).

The original preliminary permit is available here.


  • Large reservoir with wing walls occupying mouth of Turnagain Arm Occupancy of public waters;transmission lines in Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Potential Impacts:
  • Impacts on tidal wave
  • Impacts on water-based rec such as windsurfing, kite-boarding, tidal bore surfing.
  • Impacts on sportfish migration (salmon and hooligan).
  • Impacts on watchable wildlife, including Beluga (ESA status).
  • Aesthetic impacts -- visible from Anchorage rec locations in Kincaid, Coastal Wildlife Refuge, Hillside, Turnagain Arm trails.
  • Alteration of bathymetry seems highly likely, could also affect tidal range in Turnagain Arm based on Minas Basin (Bay of Fundy) and La Rance observations. Changes in shoreline, launch points, shore-based fishing could be affected.
  • Impacts on Coastal Wildlife Refuge and Kincaid Park from transmission facilities (LWCF implications).