Upper American River : P-2101

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  • P-2101
  • SF Upper American River, Rubicon River, Silver Creek
  • California
  • CA
  • 637.30 MW
  • Current


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  • 07-23-2014
  • 06-30-2064


The project consists of seven developments located on the Rubicon River, Silver Creek, and South Fork American River in El Dorado and Sacramento Counties. The seven developments are:
1.      Loon Lake: includes seven dams (Rubicon Dam, Buck Island Dam and other auxiliary dams), three reservoirs (Rubicon Reservoir, Buck Island Reservoir, and Loon Lake Reservoir), three power tunnels, a penstock, a powerhouse, and two transmission lines. 
2.      Robbs Peak: includes two dams (Gerle Creek Dam and Robbs Peak Dam), two reservoirs (Gerle Creek Reservoir and Robbs Peak Reservoir), a power canal, two tunnels, a penstock and powerhouse, and a transmission line.
3.      Jones Fork: includes three dams (Ice House Dam and dikes), the Ice House reservoir, a power tunnel, penstock and powerhouse, and transmission line.
4.      Union Valley: includes Union Valley Dam and Union Valley reservoir, power tunnel, penstock and powerhouse, and two transmission lines.
5.      Jaybird: includes the Junction Dam), the Junction Reservoir, power tunnel, penstock and powerhouse, and transmission line.
6.      Camino: includes the Camino Dam and Brush Creek Dam, the Camino Reservoir and Brush Creek Reservoir, tunnels that feed water from the reservoirs into a single penstock and powerhouse, and two transmission lines.
7.      Slab Creek/White Rock: includes a dam (Slab Creek Dam), a reservoir(Slab Creek Reservoir), two penstocks and powerhouses, and three transmission lines.
The new license issued on July 23, 2014 authorizes continued operation of the seven projects and construction of a new 400 MW Iowa Hill pumped storage project.

On February 1, 2007, SMUD and PG&E filed a comprehensive Settlement Agreement (Settlement) related to relicensing both the Upper American and Chili Bar Projects.

Signators to the Settlement were: American Whitewater, American River Recreation Association, BLM, California Department of Parks and Recreation, California Fish and Wildlife, California Outdoors, California Sportfishing Protection Alliance, Camp Lotus, Foothill Conservancy, Forest Service, Friends of the River, FWS, Interior, U.S. National Park Service, PG&E, Rich Platt, Hilde Schweitzer, Theresa Simsiman, and SMUD.



Deadline for interveners to reply to agency recommendations, terms and conditions, and prescriptions. 03-16-2007
Deadline for filing recommendations, terms and conditions, and prescriptions. 02-01-2007
Draft EIS comments due 12-19-2006
CA Department of Parks and Recreation submit 10(a) recommendations 10-18-2006
Forest Service submitted preliminary terms and conditions, and recommendations 10-18-2006
Deadline for filing motions to intervene and protest. 09-26-2006
SMUD files application for Water Quality Certification 09-22-2006
Agencies and NGOs submit alternative to license application 11-01-2005
License application submitted to FERC 07-15-2005
Ready for Comission's decision 12-01-2007
Notice of availability of Final EIS 10-01-2007
FERC license expiration 07-31-2007
Notice of availability of draft EIS 05-01-2007
REA Notice issued 07-28-2006
License Issued 07-23-2014


Threatened/endangered: Am. bald eagle, CA red-legged frog, Valley elderberry longhorn beatle, Layne's butterweed, Foothill Yellow-legged frog, trout Recreational values: Crystal Basin rec. area, whitewater on South Fork American River