West Creek : P-14603

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  • P-14603
  • West Creek
  • Alaska
  • AK
  • 25.00 MW
  • Proposed
  • Conventional


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  • 06-12-2014
  • 05-31-2017
  • Alaska Power and Telephone Company


The proposed project would consist of the following new facilities:

(1) a 1,500- foot-long, 175-foot-high concrete gravity dam creating a 895-acre reservoir having a total storage capacity of 86,000 acre-feet at a normal maximum operating elevation of 780 feet mean sea level;

(2) a water intake structure at the dam;

(3) a 15,900-foot-long, 10-footdiameter unlined tunnel;

(4) a 60-foot by 150-foot powerhouse containing two turbine/generation units rated for a total of 25 megawatts;

(5) a 100-foot-long by 80-footwide open channel tailrace returning water to the West Branch Taiya River;

(6) a submarine 3.9-mile-long, 34.5-kilovolt transmission line extending from the powerhouse to a landing for a substation on Nahku Bay connected to an existing transmission line owned by the applicant (the point of interconnection); and

(7) appurtenant facilities. The estimated annual generation of the West Creek Project would be 110 gigawatt-hours

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